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Bitcoin is a bubble, but the technology behind it could transform the world Will Hutton


Humanity’s earliest, truly transformative general purpose technologies were the ability to cross-fertilise plants and cross-breed animals. Suddenly, it made more sense to farm than to hunt and gather. The surge in agricultural output meant humans could do other things than worry about survival; they could live in cities. Human civilisation began.

The story of the subsequent millennia has been how some 30 general-purpose technologies of equal power, ranging from the printing press to the steam engine, have driven similar leaps in transforming our economy, our lives and our civilisation. Today, we are living through another.

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How One Woman’s Digital Life Was Weaponized Against Her


The first time the police arrived on her doorstep, in March of 2015, Courtney Allen was elated.

She rushed to the door alongside her dogs, a pair of eager Norwegian elkhounds, to greet them. “Is this about our case?” she asked. The police looked at her in confusion. They didn’t know what case she was talking about. Courtney felt her hope give way to a familiar dread.

Three days earlier, Courtney and her husband, Steven, had gone to the police headquarters in Kent, Washington, a suburb of Seattle, and reported that, for the past few months, they had been the victims of a campaign of online harassment. They had found a fake Facebook page under Steven’s name with a profile picture of Courtney, naked. Emails rained down in their inboxes; some called Courtney a cunt, whore, and bitch, and one they felt was a death threat. Her coworkers received emails with videos and screenshots of Courtney, naked and masturbating. The messages came from a wide range of addresses, and some appeared to be from Steven.

Semalt Islamabad Expert: What Is SEO & Who Is An SEO specialist?


If you’re looking to optimize your website, you will require an SEO specialist. However, before you can begin the process, you will need to understand what you are about to do. So what is SEO? SEO(search engine optimization) is the use of different tactics such as keywords and keyword topics that generate traffic to a website and help users find information on search engines. For you to have a well-optimized site, you require an SEO specialist who understands SEO tactics. The specialist’s job is to thoroughly research online, identify and implement different tactics that will improve search results.

Michael Brown, a top specialist from Semalt, defines here some practical tips in this regard.

Islamabad Expert From Semalt Tells How To Avoid Referrer Spam In Google Analytics


The problem of Google Analytics referrer spam has been prevalent among many accounts of website owners. In most cases, the victims of referrer spam traffic usually suffer from fake Analytics data. This issue affects the performance of digital marketing methods in place. Some of the common referrer spam domains include Darodar.

It is essential to spot and eliminate referrer spam from your GA reports. In this SEO article provided by Sohail Sadiq, a leading expert from Semalt, it is crucial to have three different views. First of all, there should be a view of a testing environment, a view with the primary data and the main view. These three aspects aid in the process of comparison between raw data and the main view to ensuring that the filters behave correctly.