10 Weirdest Festivals Around The World

The word ‘festival’ is the favorite of all of us. Religious, cultural or any other type of festival, who does not like to participate in the festival! And in this era of globalization, the updates of the festival celebrated at different parts of the world are coming to us. As a result, the festival is no longer bound in religion, community or national boundaries.

Every year hundreds of thousands of colorful festivals are celebrated around the world. The biggest festivals among them are in our eyes. But the number of participants is relatively small, but we can not get attracted to some festivals. In today’s world, we celebrate 10 unique celebrations with all kinds of strange and diverse types, in style, in faith.

1. Naki Sumo, Japan

Japan’s Tokyo is celebrated every year in April, a nasty game festival called ‘Naki Sumo’. Do not think of the word Sumo, it’s a gimmick, a gymnasium wrestling game. Because, every Sumo Paloyan is in the lap of Sumo, one child in the last two years. Both the Sumo boys kept their coat in the comfort of the play, and the referee was shouting “either” or “shouting” for both children. The boy whose crossover will cry will be the winner of this game!

Think, how to play again? But it is quite significant for the Japanese. Because, they believe, or their children are #festival crying in Sumo, the tears of unhappy life of the child (mercurial) disappear and fortunate adventures occur. If a child is not crying, then the referee should be afraid of the child by holding all the masks in the face. Because, if you do not cry from the ground, the baby may be bad!

2. Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling, England

The ‘Chase Rolling’ festival, held in May every year on a small hill called Cooper’s Hill, located in Gloucestershire, England, which has gained popularity in various countries around the world. However, regardless of the popularity, it is a bit more dangerous than the usual festival-centric game, which is very strange in its custom and style.

The audience gathered in the Coppers Hill slopes, and the competition was held in the middle of the middle. It will not be wrong to say that it is a competition, but there is a possibility of breaking the hands and feet. At first, someone dropped a 7-pound round cheese from the top of the Coppers Hill, along with the shield, and almost immediately the participants hurried towards the paneer. After catching the cheese, the slippery hillside slopes fell down, eating and eating down to eat the contestants. Who is the first to take the cheese, he is the winner. And there are few local rugby players waiting for the slopes, who lose control of the losing competitors. Doctor’s team!

3. Worm Charming, England

If the word ‘snake charmer’ is pronounced in the snake charmer, then can the word ‘Oram Charmar’ be synonymous with ‘crooked’? Whether or not the word is correct, whether or not the Black Oakton International Festival of Orchard Charming is held in May every year in Blackton village, Devon, England. This festival is not private, but to join the group.

Each team is given one square meter land and 15 minutes for any cultivable land. In these 15 minutes they can apply all the world’s strategies, and they can not dig. The team that will be able to bring the worm over the ground in 15 minutes, they are the winners. How do they get the worm out without digging? Someone was attracted by the sound of the flute to attract the worms, drum or someone drum on the ground and play with a loud sound as if the worm of the tree comes up! Someone again uses the heat of fire on one side of the prescribed land, as the worms come up on the other side. Another method is to pour rain water like a rain so that the rain is coming to the worms!

4. Castrillo de Murcia, Spain

Spanish “Castrillo de Murcia” means ‘The Baby Jumping Festivals’. It is a fun festival for the Spanish, but religious rituals. The main attraction of the festival is the terrible masked people, who are symbols of Satan. They are threatening people in various ways in the streets before the procession arrives at the main festival. But the main attraction of the festival is to chase the evil power of children. The children are laid on the street in the streets for the festival, on small beds and jumping on them masks This means that evil forces do not touch the children.

5. Estonian, Finland

In Finland, the festival is celebrated in October every year by ‘Estonian’ or ‘Wife Carrying Competition’. The idea from the name is that the nature of this festival Since 1992, it has been celebrated as a festival in Finland. Competitors have to pass a few more feet in 250 meters, the way they wait for them to have various obstacles, By reaching these obstacles, who will reach the destination first, he is the winner. And yes, this way, but you must take your wife on the shoulder! If you can take the wife first, the winner gets the beer equal to his wife as a rewarding prize!

6. Monkey Buffet, Thailand

About 1989. Hundreds of thousands of monkeys lived in small natural forests of Lopburi, a small town near Bangkok, Thailand’s capital. The city was also beautiful, beautiful. Yet the tourism industry was not yet developed in the city. To make tourism popular, a wealthy businessman living in the city played a new mind on the head. In November of that year, he organized a huge buffer for hundreds of thousands of monkeys in the city, named ‘Maungki buff’! In the first year, Monkey Buffet took turns. The next year, both the investors and visitors, both of them, grew up in Mongchi buffets. In 2000, it turned out to be a popular festival. But the businessman himself may not have thought that his strange work would once again become a national festival. At present, there are 2,300 monkeys living in the city. The festival is celebrated every year in the first week of November every year, where the monkeys are decorated for food, festive fruits, cakes, chocolate etc. On the one hand, monkeys enjoy a monkey boom in a festive atmosphere, while locals serve dancers like monkeys. This is how the festival is celebrated in a lively environment.

7. La Tomatina, Spain

Many of us are familiar with La Tomatina or Tomato festival for the benefit of the Bollywood movie ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’ released in 2011. This festival is celebrated on the last Wednesday of August in the city of Bunol in the city. The duration of the festival is just a couple of hours. But there are thousands of people around the world who are eagerly waiting for this short time. There is no win or defeat here, only the main purpose of being entertained is to rejoice. That’s why the rules are quite simple. Tomatoes can be filled in trucks after picking trucks. Your task is to throw them in the hands and throw them to your friends or friends. Within a few minutes of the festivities, the participants became red and the streets of Bunol were flooded with tomato sauce! The festival has become so popular that if you want to join here, you have to apply at least 3/4 months ago. Because the city of Bunol is small, it is not possible to accommodate more people’s place. Authorities thus give the opportunity to participate in the festival of the country and foreign tourists on the basis of application.

8. Hair Frozen Day, Canada

Canada’s Hare ‘Freezing Day’ is not just a weird and diverse festive festival, but it’s also a bit of a painful one. This festival is absolutely incomprehensible for those who have low winter wearability. Yet the popularity of this festival is sky-rocket. This festival is held every year in Takhani, Canada. How is that festival? At the temperature below (-5 ° to -10 ° C) of the Himmunk, the pool should stand in the water! There is nothing to be afraid of if the outside climate is very cold, but there are comfortable hot water in the pool. It will be easier to stay in it rather than relax. All you have to do is simply dry the water once and let the hair well soak up and stand straight. The rest will do the weather! In a few moments of standing with wet hair, your hair water will become frozen.

9. Cheung Chau Bun Festival, Hong Kong

We have heard stories of the failure of the oily lumber bamboo. However, climbing bamboo with bun (a small round bread), but it is not easy to work in any part. It is not easy because it is a festival, which can reach the highest peak even if it fails again and the contestant will be able to find the luck! Yes, participants believe in this traditional festival celebrated in Hong Kong from the eighteenth century, as far as they can collect a bun, their luck will grow as much. Before the festival, hundreds of bamboos are covered with bun and duplicate towers of 60 feet high. Later, three towers were held every year at the festival center and some of the contestants participated in it trying to move above. And then the bunts fall in the middle. Once the bamboos are fully exposed, three new towers were brought. This is how Cheng Chao Ban Festival is going on.

10. Burning Man Festival, USA

In the rural, monthly, weekly and daily basis, sit on the hats, which grew up in an open field and after the appointed time the vendors took away their goods. There is no way to understand that when there is zero ground floor, there was a sell-out hat sitting there a while ago. But when this matter happens in a city, it is difficult to believe it. But this happens in the Black Rock desert of the United States of Nevada. For the last eight days of the summer, the populist Black Rock desert became a small part of the crowded and loud little town. This festival has been celebrated since 1986, as a symbol of art, entities, independence and self-reliance. People from different walks of life and people gathered in the Nevada desert to retire for some time from their busy life. For a week, it has developed a city fairly, where people develop mutual support and friendship ties while maintaining goodwill with the known and unknown people. And all of them were created in animals and other portraits. When people leave Nevada after the scheduled time, clean all the garbage and other unnecessary items leaving the place as before.


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