BTS Dance It Up with Halsey Featuring And Basically Broke The Internet


After several teasers and much anticipation, BTS finally released their video for Boy With Luv,”featuring Halsey, on Friday, along with their latest album Map of the Soul: Persona.

The video shows the seven members of the K-pop boy band dancing around a movie theater, a diner, a giant set of piano keys, a lit-up marquee … basically, anywhere, as long as they get to wear pastel clothing and look ridiculously attractive. Halsey joins them later in the clip for a car ride and dance routine, doing backup vocals for the song and throwing in some “oh mu-mu-my“‘s for good measure.

The 8-song album is taut musically and thematically (the group is a septet consisting of RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, Jungkook), although things get into murkier territory lyrically. Fans of the group dig deep into the meanings behind the songs — a challenge for many, since the majority of their lyrics are in Korean — but the reasoning behind this album’s title, derived from “Jung’s Map of the Soul,” a study of Swiss psychiatry pioneer Carl Jung written by psychoanalyst Dr. Murray Stein, is unclear. Jung said that people inherited the collective unconscious of their ancestors and possess memories of which they’re unaware. What could this have to do with BTS

The song’s official video goes along with the track’s messaging, creating a brightly-hued scene full of retro-feeling looks from the group — like bright pink smoking jackets, feathered blazers, and fedoras —  while also emphasizing BTS’ past, particularly through signage with phrases such as “Persona” and “Love.” It ends with a stroll down memory lane as brightly-lit Broadway-style marquees display the names of BTS’ past albums. Halsey starts off the clip and appears throughout, and even joins the group during the choreography portion. The visual ends with the septet shouting something, which many fans believe to be the song’s title, before the final repetition of the phrase, “Than a boy with luv.”  

“Boy With Luv,” also known as “A Poem for the Small Things,” in Korean, appears on the group’s 7-track EP Map of the Soul: Persona, which also features the Ed Sheerancollab “Make It Right.” It is BTS’ first album of 2019, and follows last year’s Billboard200 chart-topping duo of Love Yourself: Tear and Love Yourself: Answer. The group will perform “Boy With Luv” on Saturday Night Live tomorrow (April 13), and later bring their performances Stateside during the May dates of their upcoming Love Yourself: Speak Yourself stadium tour.


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