Best Conference Call Service Small Business

Hi, if you are looking for an easy audio (and free) best conference call service small business conferencing solution for internal team calls and calls with clients, you must definitely check out the open source project: (powered by Plivo)

What this can do for you:


  • quick audio conference calls.
  • no login or sign-up required. (every room gets disposed of 24 hours after the creation of a room for security reasons.)
  • an API to integrate with your chat clients like¬†HipChat (product)
  • free and dead simple. (2 clicks and 1 share)
  • open-sourced so that you can do more stuff (like inviting people to join the call from


The app is using Plivo WebSDK which is a wrapper around WebRTC and is totally open-sourced here: It should be a breeze for you to integrate a free click-to-call audio feature into your internet app/sites.

In addition it’s handily exposed via a restful API which lets you integrate audio conference into several third-party apps you use. (make a POST request and you are done.) The documentation is here:

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