How Chinese tech companies are fighting back Covid-19

Coronavirus is certainly one of the most discussed topics in the world at present. Panic over the virus is spreading everywhere, in the eyes of everyone. People have already seen many articles, pictures and videos about what to do in such situations and what kind of activities we should refrain from. So don’t write this to say anything new about it. Rather, this writing is a quest to find something a little different.

What is that different thing? The first report of such a panic on the Novel Coronavirus came from Wuhan, the capital of Hubei Province, China on November 7 last year. Later on, we all know how this Cavid-1 spreads abnormally fast. The funny thing is – that China but now the coronavirus has overcome a lot. In the last 24 hours, only 22 new infections have been reported in the country. Where thousands of people have been infected with the virus in China just a few weeks ago, they have been able to make huge progress in just a short time. And among those who have played a significant role, China’s technology companies are among them.

Technology has become China’s biggest tool to prevent coronavirus : Illustration Courtesy:  Perry Tse

How? That will be reported in today’s article. It will be said how Chinese tech giants came to the people’s side during this awful time at home. How did they overcome the coronavirus epidemic in the magic of 0 or 1?

Tancent, Baidu, Alibaba and many other technology companies have come forward to prevent the spread of coronavirus in China. As this has helped them to regain the normal health and well-being of the people on the one hand, their image has reached another level with the people and the government of the country in their benevolent activities. If this other level is compared to Marvel’s Avengers, it probably won’t be an exaggeration. Because, like superheroes, they have used technologies like Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, 5G as superpowers.

It’s like Thanos (read Coronavirus) vs. Avengers (read Chinese tech companies) fighting! Image Source: UHD Wallpaper

Let’s say at the outset, such as the Chinese multinational telecommunications company ZTE. They have come up with a remote diagnostic service. They have brought the Five-G Diagnosis and Treatment Service to the West China Hospital of Sichuan University and Chengdu Public Health Clinical Medical Center. As a result, the infection levels have been reduced quite well.

Meanwhile, Tencent, Ali Health and Ping An Good Doctor have launched online consultancy services to avoid the public-to-people interaction, instead of the traditional offline consultancy. As a result, the spread of the virus has been prevented, as people have received various health services at home.

Technology is China’s biggest tool in this war; Image Source: Cai Meng / China Daily

Now the Big Data triumphs again. Chinese technology companies are making the best use of this Covid-19. With this, they are conducting tests on people in public areas. AI firm Megawi and Chinese online search giant Baidu have arranged for human body temperature measurements at some subway stations in Beijing, so that passengers whose body temperature is above normal can be easily identified. Due to this, public health is being tested without causing any disturbance with less manpower. Baidu goes a step further with the AI ​​algorithm to determine if he has actually been infected by coronavirus after symptoms have appeared in someone’s body at the fastest time.

These quadcopters are used to check if anyone is having a fever; Image Source: GETTY IMAGES

Alibaba Research Institute DAMO Academy, Zhejiang Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention and Xi’e Biotechnology Company Limited have developed a hole-genome detection and analysis platform. It is possible to diagnose it quickly and efficiently if there is any doubt about it.

Alibaba founder Jack Ma has set a wonderful example of charity. Through the Jack Ma Foundation, he announced a grant of US $ 2.5 million (approximately US $ 9.5 million), which will be spent entirely on vaccine-based research to prevent the virus.

There is also a fever detection system with artificial intelligence; Image Source: GETTY IMAGES

According to SenseTime, one of China’s leading AI firms, they are using their contactless temperature detection software at various underground stations, schools and community centers in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. Chinese newspaper Global Times reported that a smart helmet has been provided to employees deployed to prevent coronavirus in Chengdu city of Sichuan city, capable of detecting anyone’s body temperature within a radius of 5 meters. And if someone has a fever, then the alarm starts ringing immediately!

To prevent the spread of coronavirus, it is advisable to avoid contact with people as much as possible. And to ensure this, iFlightTech initiatives have begun the ‘AI Plus Office’ platform, whereby a person or company can do office work without having to physically attend the office. Online education startup Juwebang has started a remote education program, so that people can learn something new at home this time too.

Intelligent robot firm Cloudminds has brought in several smart robots, who are also working to prevent the spread of this COVID-19. These robots are assisted in isolation ward service, delivery service, hospital cleaning and disinfection and to detect human body temperature remotely.

A robot spraying disinfectant in Wuhan city; Image Source: STR / AFP via Getty Images

On the other hand, e-commerce giant JD, courier firm SF Express and other fresh food delivery apps have also come to the fore in their country. They are making sure people get the food and other things they need at the fastest time.

Regardless of the outbreak of the virus, people are leaving the house for work, even if only in small numbers. That’s why the smart phone apps that are available to help prevent the spread of the virus. Let’s find out about an app called Ali pay Health Code. The app shows green, yellow or red color according to the physical condition of the people, so that the user can understand whether it is right to get out of the room now or to keep himself separate from everyone. According to information provided by the developer of the app Ant Financial, they are seeking the help of Big Data. Tencent has also launched a QR code-based service. Their ‘Close Contact Detector’ app lets users know if they have visited a virus.

Robots used to disinfect hospitals and to measure the temperature of incoming people; Image Source: STR / AFP via Getty Images

As such, with the coming of their technology institutes in China during this disaster time, various tests of Cavid-19 are being conducted at the fastest time and with accuracy, people are able to take office tasks efficiently from home, those who want to improve their skills through online education platform. And if you need to make a purchase online Center has been able to heal.

This robot is carrying a precious hand sanitizer! Image Source: REUTERS

People have again received another great lesson from this year’s event. Not only have they become health conscious, but they have also pulled the information-technology society closer than ever before to the need and the urgency of the traditional social system. As a result, one thing has become as clear as daylight that in the days ahead, there is no way to ensure that the government, society, the economy, and the continued use of these technologies are everywhere.