The 10 Best Footballers have never Won a World Cup

FIFA World Cup football has been considered as the most prestigious event of football since the 1930s. In the era, the best players also have dreams, personal accomplishments are full of ears, but to win the world football field once for the country, taking the World Cup title. But football is a team game, so naturally many players have left that dream incomplete. Messi and Ronaldo may also be comforted by the fact that many more well-known players like they have had to return to the world from the World Cup. They are memorable for their personal craft in world football.

  1. Lionel Messi

Messi and his team were found to be very unpredictable in the final of the World Cup qualifying match, although their hat-trick crossed the line-up. So, in the first round, if we could finish the game, we had to leave the last 16 to lose 4-3 to France.

In the 2014 World Cup, the defensive Argentina team went to the final under Messi’s leadership. But in extra time, Germany went on to win the World Cup title. Now the age has been 31, before the announcement of retirement for the second time in the Copa América final in 2016. Ultimately, his record of 756 minutes in the knockout stage of the World Cup may end with his international career.

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo

In the last Champions League, such a bizarre bicycle kick scored, the durable form that brought the World Cup in this year. Half of the four goals, including a hat-trick, played a major role in the group’s second round. But the failure of Uruguay’s tough defenses, the 34-year-old Portuguese captain’s World Cup tour ended in the last sixteen, due to the failure of the team to ignite.

In 2006, his team went up to the highest semifinals, reaching the quarter-finals in 2010, but Ronaldo was injured in the 2014 World Cup due to injury. The next Qatar World Cup will be 37 years old. So Cristiano Ronaldo will be out of international football for the 2016 Euro Cup title.

  1. Oliver Kahn

One of the best goalscorers of all time has been the German goalpost for eleven years. But in the 2002 World Cup finals, Ronaldo scored a double goal for his mistake (no one blamed his ligament injuries for this mistake), Brazil also won the World Cup by winning 2-0. FIFA’s Golden Ball was the first goalkeeper in the World Cup for his unorthodox performance, but the winner of the World Cup did not help Oliver’s ear in the wings.

  1. Paolo Maldini

Italy’s legendary AC Milan has won seven consecutive Series and five Champions League titles in his 25-year club career, but could not win a trophy for the country. In 2002, Italy had been part of Italy’s shameful departure from the group stage in South Korea, and was part of the Italy team during the 1994 World Cup finals in Brazil, in the penalty shoot-out.

  1. Johan Cruyff

He has won Ballon d’Or three times, he did not lose a match in which he scored, as well as his coach as well as UEFA’s best ten coach list for his incredible success. In the 1974 World Cup, the total football match in Holland went all the way across the final, but in the final, it was defeated by West Germany 2-1. So with Holland, he has to return to the country with the title of World Cup’s best player, Cruyff.

  1. Michel Platini

In 1984, France won the European Championship on home soil, with its leadership and best performance (no goals in five matches with two hat-tricks). But the success of the stage did not translate into the World Cup. In 1978, France could not cross the group stage, in 1982 and 1986, West Germany had to be satisfied with the fourth and third place respectively in the semi-finals.

  1. Eusebio

Cristiano Ronaldo’s birthday, almost two decades ago, the Portuguese legend of black Panther nickname made Portugal well-known in the world football world. In the 1966 World Cup, he did not score a record by Golden Boot, but in the semi-finals, he had to leave the field for the World Cup in the eyes of Succeeded Eusebio in a tire of water after defeating England 2-1. He also played the World Cup qualifying for the country in 1962 and 1970, but until 1986, Portugal could not reach the final stage.

  1. Ferenc Puskas

Hungary’s all-time best football club, along with Hungary’s national team, scored 83 goals in 84 matches. During his time Hungary was also playing in the Gold Cup, the unbeaten team in 32 consecutive matches won the gold medal in 1952 and the European championship the following year. But in the 1954 World Cup finals, the overwhelming Hungary team, incredibly, went ahead in two minutes in the match, but the playoff game weakened opponents lost 3-2 to West Germany. After being victim of various political problems, he participated in the 1962 World Cup with Spain’s nationality, but Spain’s service was fired from the group stage.

  1. Wayne Rooney

Recorded for Manchester United and England, the highest scorer, this footballer took part in three World Cups as part of the golden generation of England. But England’s exit from the quarter-finals in penalties against Portugal in 2006, its gradual continuation, in the last sixteenth 2010, and 2014 in the group stage of departure from England. The 32-year-old footballer last year sent farewell to international football.

  1. Raul Gonzalez

One of Spain’s best players in the history of the world took part in the World Cup in 1998, 2002 and 2006, but at any time La Rojara could not overcome the last eight. Ultimately, in the 2008 controversial decision of the coach, Raul was dropped from the Euro Cup squad, so he could not be part of the World Cup winning team after two years.

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