These Habits Keep Your Eyes Healthy

The two eyes are beautiful, a wonderful blessing in this world! But due to age, problems related to family problems, TV/computer/mobile or various types of electronic gadgets affect sight. But with some precautions, it is possible to prevent these problems. In today’s writing, mention some foods that help keep eyesight better. So do not forget to keep these foods in the food list to keep eyesight better. Let’s know if you have eyesight about healthy foods and there are some tips on eye care.


These vegetables, which are grown under soil, are unique in nutrients. It has many versatile qualities and the color of the carrot increases the gravity of any cooking. It contains plenty of beta-carotene, antioxidant and vitamin A. According to the scientists, the carrot grows the eyesight of the night and helps to reduce sight loss. Also prevent oxidative degradation of carbohydrates (problems with conjunctivitis) and reduce eyeballs. These two problems are the main two problems in the eye.

These Habits Keep Your Eyes Healthy
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You can get various types of carrot soup recipes from the internet. Do not forget to carrots while cooking any curry! However, in the raw grape rather than the cooking, the nutrients remain in abundance. Because if you consume the oven, many nutrients are destroyed. If you are hungry, do not eat snacks, eat a raw carrot, or eat salad. Of course, drink plenty of water. Keep in mind that carrots do not eat much more than it is. Because eating excess of carrots, excessive vitamins can react to this body.

Fatty fish

Fatty acids are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. And omega-3, omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acid control ratio reduces eye irritation. If your energy is low, your body and brain performance improves and disease resistance increases. Also, the retina part of our eye is filled with DH, which is one type of omega-3 fatty acid.

These Habits Keep Your Eyes Healthy
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Therefore, salmon, tuna and mackerel marine fish work well for eye health. If you do not like to eat fish, then you can eat fish as supplementation according to the doctor’s advice. Filling of grilled fish, the quality of its fatty acids remains the highest level. Playing with soap or more cooking, its nutrients remain relatively low.


Spinach is rich in Vitamin A, B and C There are also various types of mineral such as iron, zinc and phytonutrients. Carotenoid, Lutein  and Zeaxanthin have antioxidants and reducing energy. So eating enough saplings every day is possible to prevent macular degeneration (loss of sight) and cataracts. Since it has zinc, it also keeps corneal health well.

These Habits Keep Your Eyes Healthy
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So you can prepare the house by watching the recipe. If you add some fruits to it, its leaves and bitter taste are removed. Pulp spinach can also be eaten with pulse or soup. The raw rattan leaves can be enjoyed very well by playing on the sandwich or pasta.


Eggs are rich in essential amino acids and water-soluble and fat-soluble vitamins. Cholesterol is relatively high in egg yolk and is a good source of Lutein  and Zeaxanthin, which causes yellow color in the color of Yolk.

These Habits Keep Your Eyes Healthy

Eat one or two eggs every day to get better eyesight. If you put eggs in boiled, posh or any item of cooking, the taste of the food increases.

Dairy products

Milk and sour yogurt help to improve eyesight. In addition to calcium and phosphorus, it contains plenty of zinc and vitamin A Vitamin A helps to protect the cornea and increases the effectiveness of vitamin A in the junk liver and eyes.

These Habits Keep Your Eyes Healthy
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Zinc also helps to increase night vision and prevent cataracts. Do not forget to eat a glass of milk before going to bed with breakfast or at night. After eating lunch and snacks, practice eating yogurt.


Nuts are the source of healthy fats and vitamin E which reduces the incurrence of fat. It has been found in the study that prevention of chronic problems with Vitamin E rich nut age. You can eat a handful of nuts every day to keep the eye healthy.

These Habits Keep Your Eyes Healthy
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Mixing different nuts together will not have to eat all the nuts separately. Apart from salads and sweet foods, you can also eat with nuts.

Red capsicum

A good source of Vitamin A, E, C and Lutein and Yiathanan is the red capsicum. These vitamins and phytonontrivenes help maintain retinal in the eyes of macular depletion.

These Habits Keep Your Eyes Healthy
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It can eat raw with salad. However, when cooking grill or cooking a little while cooking, its nutrient quality will be maintained properly.


Broccoli is a type of vegetable that has many health benefits. Vitamin A, E, C and Lutein are very beneficial for the eyes.

These Habits Keep Your Eyes Healthy
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It helps to keep eye health better by preventing photodamage (the problem of eye from the Sun’s ultraviolet rays) and oxidative exposure. The quality of bricks in the grilled or oven bracket remains high.

Sour Fruit

The eye has its antioxidant routine to eliminate the metabolic rate and the metabolic reaction that is produced in the eye. Talks such as fruits like orange, milk, ammunition, and ammunition have the potential to increase immunity. There is also a large amount of vitamin C that helps maintain eye blood vessels.

How to prevent eye problems:

Various types of food and its properties help keep eyes better. However, you need to do some work so that these foods can be properly functioning for the eyes. If you work according to these methods, your eyes will be healthy.

Exercise of the eyes

Eye exercises are needed to increase the muscles of the eyes. Gently massage the eyes with your hands, eyes may turn around, good exercise for eyes.

Giving a glimpse of the water in the eyes

Because of looking at laptops, TVs or mobile phones throughout the day, due to this the harmful rays were dispersed. Whatever the use of the protective glass or anything, it will affect the eyes. So do not forget to take a glimpse of water every two to three hours after work.

These Habits Keep Your Eyes Healthy
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Keep eyes closed

Keep your head closed for 2-3 minutes after work. If you do this every 30 minutes, then you can understand the difference between yourself.

Control the lighting of the device

There is a way to reduce the light on computers, mobile phones, and more. Understand the comfort of your eyes and fix it. This will prevent your eyes from photodamage.

Use sunglasses

It is very necessary to protect your eyes from the sun’s light. Before leaving the house, use the sunglasses according to the nature of the sun and accordingly. This will save your eye from photodamages and sunlight.

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